LDPE application

Regranulate is plastic that has been processed, ground and regranulated. It can be manufactured, e.g., from municipal waste. Simply, we are talking of recycling that helps to reduce costs. LDPE film and other types of regranulate can be used in many sectors.


LDPE film is soft, shiny and also transparent. It has lower tear resistance, but it does not mean that it is not used today. The film of this type is used, e.g., in the cosmetic, construction, or even food industries. The best example here are plastic bags used to pack vegetables, fruit, or even bread rolls at a bakery.

LDPE is commonly used, because film of this type can be used in manufacturing of bags for rubble, ziplock bags, plastic cups, strong carrier bags, packaging for
magazines, or heat-shrink films. Due to its properties, it is also used for production of belts, half-tubes, tubes, and plastic sheets. It is also possible to print on products made of the foil of this type.

Applications of LLDPE regranulate

Linear low density polyethylene, i.e., another type of film, is yet another product worth knowing today. This product is made of a foil manufactured from linear low density polyethylene. Many people work with it on a daily basis, because it is used in manufacturing of stretch film. Due to their properties, LLDPE regranulates are used in construction, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. They can be a material for pipes installed in underfloor heating systems, or for packaging.

Applications of LDPE regranuate

Recently, LDPE regranulates have become highly popular. In the age of growing environmental awareness and care for the nature, such products are increasingly more valued, to the extent sufficient to ensure that regranulates are currently commonly used. They are used to manufacture reusable plastic packaging, and various types of containers and boxes. It is no secret that such components are used even to manufacture furniture. Workshop racks are made of them! Canisters, drums, pipes – possible LDPE applications may surprise those people who do not work with them regularly yet.